Welcome To New Horizon Nutraceuticals™

In a basically non-regulated industry that is polluted with false claims, misleading marketing techniques, and inferior products, the current status of the supplement industry represents a sector of business that is on the verge of becoming the fastest growing and the most volatile and unstable. New Horizon Nutraceuticals™ was founded by two individuals who were both previously employed at a supplement manufacturer and acquired an inside perspective on how corrupt and dishonest the industry can be without any legal ramifications or concern for the health of the consumers. We were flabbergasted at essentially how much a company could “Get away with” in an industry that’s primary focus should be on the public’s health and well-being. We both decided that we would start a company that would raise the bar and set new standards on how we feel the health supplement industry should be. As frequent consumers of health supplements, we felt that our hard-earned money should be exchanged for products and ingredients worthy of our investments. Fueled with an intense passion and desire to provide customers with quality products and optimum services, we created New Horizon Nutraceuticals™ to provide our customers with only the highest quality products compounded with the honest intentions of integrity and superior services.

New Horizon Nutraceuticals™ specializes in the research and manufacture of proprietary protein blends by offering custom blending and packaging services utilizing state of the art machinery and only the highest quality ingredients. Our newly designed facility is equipped with an extensive line of blending and packaging equipment, enabling us to offer superior manufacturing solutions to those further servicing the private label supplement industry. At New Horizon Nutraceuticals™, we sincerely care about our client’s needs and growth in the industry because our client’s growth directly impacts ours. The empathy expressed from us at New Horizon Nutraceuticals is what separates us from the corporate monsters of this industry whose only intentions are to take your money and provide you with an inferior product. New Horizon Nutraceuticals™ is a company for the people, by the people!